Authorized Representative of:

Storage Tanks

We provide storage solutions for Water, Wastewater, and Processing. Through our represented brands, we can
service an array of industries and needs.

Fire Pumps

We provide pumping and transmission solutions for Water, Wastewater, Fuels, and Processing. Through our
represented brands, we can service all our clients’ needs fluids movements.

Foam Systems

Special Fire Suppression Systems are required in Fuel Terminals, Chemical Plants, as well and some
Manufacturing and Processing Plants.

Clean Agent Systems

High Value Assets, Data Centers, Museums, Bank Safety Deposits, as well Specialty Equipment require a
different, non-invasive approach in fire suppression, through our represented manufacturers, we offer said
solutions to our clients with Clean Agent Gas Systems.

HDPE Pipes and Fittings

Technology is moving everyday more and more to Poly-Ethelene due to its flexibility and durability. As well as
the security it offers in joints and leak preventions. At Del Prado Fire and Water Solutions we have invested
in training and equipment, to provide a vast spectrum of sizes and products in HDPE pipes and Fittings. With
our partners, we service the Mining, Waterworks, Agricultural and Fire Protection industries.

Cathodic Protection Systems

Our clients and the region need to protect its underground assets as well as above ground, from the elements,
and the corrosion that salt contributes. Through engineering and specialized equipment, we offer this to
Waterworks companies, the Fuel Industry, as well as Critical Infrastructure managers.