Project Installation

We bring to the market, all the necessary equipment and trained personnel to execute your projects. Be it a
fuel terminal, power generation plants, warehouses distribution, office or commercial space. No matter the
task at hand, we have the people and experience to bring it to fruition.

ITM – Inspection Testing and Maintenance

With the most updated testing equipment, certified and verified year in and year out, we provide our clients
solutions in the ITM needs. Our people are trained and certified in the different Codes and Norms, to ensure
and comply with the demands and safe keeping of your assets. Our software allows for daily monitoring of the
state of your systems, and online reports, with easy access, provide updated record keeping. No matter if it
is only an Annual Test, Maintenance, or a Contract to oversee and conduct weekly test, we are ready.

Fire Protection Engineering and Consultancy

Working alongside our Local Partners, we can provide Engineering, Consultancy, and Supervision in Fire Safety.
It does not matter where the project is located, we are ready and able to assist in the capacity need for your

Equipment Rental

In order to serve the markets we operate in, we’ve acquire an important number of specialized equipment that
we rent to local partners, to assist in executing their projects.

  • HDPE Thermal Fusing Equipment 2”-48”
  • HDPE Electrical Fusing Equipment
  • Under Ground Water Leak Finders
  • Door Fan Testing Equipment
  • Portable Gas Detection Equipment

Cathodic Protection Engineering

The elements can create a problem to your pipe lines, storage tanks, and infrastructure. As a strategic
resilience partner, TRC Tecnologias de Resiliencias del Caribe, has brought to the region solutions for
Cathodic Protection. Working alongside the best engineers in the field in the US and the Region, we bring to
your projects solutions that will curb and control all corrosion situations you may face.

Education – Public Awareness

We are strong believers in given back to the community we serve, and that the best defense, is an educated and
trained offense. As part of our community involvement, we participate actively in education the public in fire
safety and awareness. We visit schools and facility with Sparky from the NFPA, to help educate our children
about fire safety. We also participate as well creating public opinion about the need importance to have codes
and norms. And provide free consultancy, and our time to Government Agencies and other institutions to assist
in reviewing and implementing Fire Safety Codes.

Underground Leak Detection

Underground pipes can be a hassle when we have leaks that cause pressure loss, or the loss of a liquid we are
transmitting in said pipes. In order to minimize the excavations, and keep costs down on repairs, we provide
ultra-sound leak detection service up to 3 meters in depth.